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Project Natura

A fantasy-based, cooperative RPG survival experience where what you do impacts every player in an ongoing story.

worldbuilding...with your friends


We are set to embark on a journey to craft a truly unique interactive experience - one where the beliefs and actions of your character ripple across a spatial ocean of realms that are "grown" by players.

Project Natura is being built on the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 and our proprietary behaviour and artificial intelligence system.

Current Status: Game Design & Worldbuilding (as of Oct. 2021)


While the current team has decades of software and game development experience, we are on the hunt for exceptional people to join a team that believes in (and more importantly, executes on) the following:

  • Acting with integrity and honesty
  • Taking responsibility for the words you use and the actions you take
  • Making a positive impact
  • Work-life balance (maintain a healthy lifestyle)
  • Semper Incedendo (Always Moving Forward - a.k.a. Learn, Grow & Evolve)

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